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Melville Clinic Promo

Melville Clinic Promo

A little while ago I got to swap my edit room for this lovely place. I could have done worse, I assure you! We were filming a promotional video for Suzie Thomson, who runs MELVILLE CLINIC, an alternative health and anti-ageing clinic in the beautiful Surrey Hills near Dorking. If you don’t know about this place already, you definitely should. Maybe watching the promo I produced will make you want to drop everything and book yourself in this minute…

Our filming date was set within the wettest week we’d had for a while but how lucky were we?! We got all outdoor scenes filmed and dusted in the same day under the most gorgeous sunshine – the heavens well and truly opened a bit later but we were cut and dry by then. Not a bad day at the office for our ‘models’, I think.

The hauntingly beautiful music is supplied and used with kind permission by MATT EMERY and made sure I had one of the most chilled editing sessions imaginable. The gorgeous voice you hear belongs to Lou (Lindy Alexander), actress and personal friend of Suzie’s…and consummate pro when it came to the voice over.